SH210-6 works at Stone Quarry

Wednesday April 4, 2018

Stone Quarry Supports Infrastructure Development in Indonesia

Infrastructure development in Indonesia is being accelerated to be completed soon therefore there should be supported from various parties to be involved in supporting the development from upstream to downstream from the provision of construction raw materials and also need to be supported with appropriate construction equipment technology.

Regarding the support of raw materials for such construction such as the provision of stone for road construction and building, the raw material of the stone is taken from many stone quarry companies that produce excellent quality of stone to construct a strong and durable construction. For example in the area Rumpin, Bogor is a stone producer whose quality is very good. Many of the stone quarry companies in the area supply stone raw materials to government development projects in support of the government in accelerating development in Indonesia such as road construction, concrete for bridges and concrete structures which are currently widely required in the construction of railway lines LRT. 

One of the big stone quarry companies in Rumpin, Bogor, namely PT. Gunung Mas Jaya Indah (PT GMJI) with excellent quality is participating in supplying about 70% of its production to government projects through several Indonesian state-owned companies. This company has been established since 1984 and continues to grow and began to join venture with foreign companies around the year 2010. This company certainly can not be separated supported also by technology of construction tools that are reliable and very helpful in the production process such as drill machines, loaders, dozers and excavators in order to compete in the market in a lot of stone supply and quality.

Support from the construction equipment technology owned by the stone quarry company has an important role, just take the Excavator example. This excavator serves to dig and take the stone where before it is done first blasting on the rock cliffs at the mine site. PT. GMJI entrusts its Excavator in the 20 ton class by using the Sumitomo SH210-6 brand that is the latest technology generation from Sumitomo brand excavator manufacturer where strong, tough, powerful and fuel efficient also comfortable to operate.

 SH210-6 rumpin bogor

PT. GMJI in selecting the excavator there are some considered as presented by Mr. Lowa Wentjong as the person in charge of the company that the quality of the product must be good, where he entrusted the Japanese manufacturer’s brand because the known quality of its products recognized in the world is very good, as well as other things to consider is regarding the availability of guaranteed spare parts, he is optimistic about this because Sumitomo Excavator has its manufacture plant in Karawang, Indonesia.

On the other hand Mr. Indra as operator Sumitomo Excavator consider the agility, power and comfort where this is obtained on this Sumitomo Excavator product. Lastly from the side of Mr. Dian as Head of Quarry Engineering is also very consider some things that are very important factor in the condition of his production tools especially Excavator, such as:

1. The quality is good

2. Easy maintenance

3. Quick respon after sales service

4. Low fuel consumption

Therefore, PT. GMJI is optimistic to be able to grow and confident to compete in helping to supply stone needs for various government infrastructure development in Indonesia.

SH210-6 stone quarry


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