Friday October 20, 2023

In 2023, Sumitomo as a leading heavy equipment manufacturer again hold the “Ngobrol alat berat bareng Sumitomo” event which has been successfully held in several regions such as West Java, Jambi, Samarinda, Banjarmasin, Surabaya and Manado. This event is not only a meeting place between manufacturer and distributor and loyal Sumitomo Excavator customers, but also a place to share experiences regarding the management of heavy equipment, especially excavators.

This event, which was held from city to city, is a form of our appreciation as a manufacturer and distributor for loyal customers who has trusted Sumitomo Excavators as their mainstay heavy equipment. We express our gratitude for the trust and support given so far by Sumitomo excavator customers wherever they are throughout Indonesia.

“Ngobrol alat berat bareng Sumitomo” is not just a conventional event, but rather an effort to increase friendship and build strong relationships between manufacturers, distributors and customers. Sumitomo’s presence in various regions is our commitment to get closer to our customers.

At this event, participants were invited to share experiences regarding managing heavy equipment, especially excavators. In a warm and family atmosphere, participants are encouraged to discuss, exchange ideas, and provide useful suggestions and input to each other. There is no impression of superiority in this event, because we believe that every experience and knowledge has the same value and potential.

Managing heavy equipment, especially excavators, is very important in the world of construction and large projects. Therefore, it is very important for Excavator owners and operators to continue to improve their knowledge in managing equipment and skills in operating it. Through this event, we strive to provide a deeper understanding of proper operation, good maintenance, and important factors in selecting heavy equipment that suits your needs.

Not only sharing experiences, we also give appreciation to our loyal customers. Not only in the form of appreciation or material gifts, but also in the form of more solid support and cooperation in the future. We are aware that Sumitomo’s success would not be possible without the help and trust of our loyal customers.

This “Ngobrol alat berat bareng Sumitomo” event will not stop here. We plan to continue holding similar events in the coming years, to expand our reach and deepen relationships with customers throughout Indonesia. The hope is that this event will be a momentum to support each other, learn and grow together in the world of heavy equipment.

We are proud to be part of the journey of loyal Sumitomo Excavator customers, and we are ready to continue to provide quality products and the best after-sales service. The Heavy Equipment Chat with Sumitomo event is clear proof that Sumitomo is not only a manufacturer, distributor or user of heavy equipment, but more than that, we are partners who are ready to build a better future with you, with the strength of a humble and full heart. sincerity. Together in one heart, one determination and grow together.

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