Excavators SUMITOMO SH350LHD-6 Offers New Feature to Improve Productivity

Monday August 1, 2022

Japan is always famous for its designed and engineered products that represent the highest quality, especially for Industrial Products. The Excavators SUMITOMO hydraulic is no exception when a totally integrated concept is required in design work involving key components, manufacturing engineering, and product quality assurance in the factory. SUMITOMO hydraulic excavators are designed and manufactured specifically to fulfill the global demands by giving the best performance, reliability, and fuel efficiency for all of its products. This proven Japanese technology and quality gives SUMITOMO excavator customers total peace of mind and provides a complete solution for the demands, especially in the construction industry.

One of SUMITOMO’s popular hydraulic excavators is SH350LHD-6 which is a medium-type excavator product for heavy-duty work. Its capacity is able to take heaviness up to 36,800 kg. The bucket that was being used offers spacious capacity from 1.4m3 up to 2.0 m3. Not only that, to make your work more efficient, Excavators SUMITOMO SH350LHD-6 gives its product a digging radius of 10,670mm deep. With its improved hydraulic system and a large arm cylinder, the arm-in motion speed slowdown is minimized. Making this feature highlights the real digging power of SH350LHD-6 that was beyond your expectations and even better than the SH350HD-5 model. 

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Furthermore, to improve and give the best for its customers, Excavator SUMITOMO SH350LHD-6 is now performed with SPACE 5+ engine system and the new hydraulic system SIH:S+ to further refine fuel efficiency up to 13%. In addition to that, the newly developed ISUZU engine is also being used to contribute greatly to the environment. To further explain the fuel efficiency feature of most of SUMITOMO’s products, SUMITOMO uses these five technologies:

1. SSC (Spool Stroke Control)

Reduce engine load upon heavy duty operation

2. BES (Boom-down Energy Save)

SUMITOMO’s unique design lowers engine speed upon boom-down and swing operation which does not require large oil flow.

3. AES (Auto Energy Save)

Another SUMITOMO’s unique design to help lower engine speed accordingly when low engine load is sensed.

4. PTR (Pump Transition Reduction)

Technology that decreases engine load when the pump flow requirement is reduced upon abrupt pump load.

5. Idle Shut Down & Auto Idle

No need to worry because with idle shutdown technology, Excavator SH350LHD-6 will automatically shut its engine down when the machine is not in operation for a set amount of time. In addition to that, auto idle mode is also available to make the engine begin idling approximately 5 seconds after the operation levers are in neutral position.

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By using SUMITOMO’s machinery products for your construction industry, durability will not be a problem at all. Especially in this Excavator SH350LHD-6, SUMITOMO’s EMS keeps the pins and bushes fully lubricated at all times (up to 1000 hours) and prevents rattling. In addition to that, the structure of the boom and arm has also been improved, ensuring strength and durability. High strength castings are also being used for the boom base and arm end to improve reliability.

Not only the durability of Excavator SH350LHD-6, the ease of maintenance of the product should also be considered when customers are looking for the best hydraulic excavator for construction heavy-duty work. Ground level access to the engine area makes daily maintenance extremely easy and straightforward. Reliability has been further enhanced by increasing cooling capability and durability. Overall, Excavator SH350LHD-6’s maintenance is completed by a high-performance return filter with a life up to 2,000 hours. Not to mention having a cab floor mat also makes it easy for the excavator to be washed and clean.

Having a great and strong body for Excavators SH350LHD-6 is all good and important for customers. However, the safety and the comfort of its user can not also be forgotten. Planning for safety in the event of a roll accident, a new strengthened safety cabin has been provided in Excavator SH350LHD-6.

The new design of the cabin is built to prevent unwanted accidents. Through Excavators SH350LHD-6 customers will also be greeted with a wide view designed for its cabin. This wide front view of the cabin has been widened to enhance work safety. SUMITOMO also changed the cab suspension mount of Excavator SH350LHD-6 to a new one which is able to reduce vibration and impact transmitted to the cabin, and improve the operator’s sitting quality and reduce operator fatigue. SUMITOMO products always try to offer comfort for its users by having stylish and spacious cab, super comfortable reclining seat, automatic air conditioner, as well as radio and speaker with USB port and MP3 jack.

More detail and full information regarding Excavators SH350LHD-6 can be found here

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Excavator MACAN Sumitomo SH130LF-6 works optimally in HTI plantations, located near the future capital of the new mother city of Indonesia.

Wednesday July 20, 2022

The name of the new capital city of Indonesia has been announced, namely Nusantara. Located in Sepaku, East Kalimantan, Nusantara will replace Jakarta as the capital city.

There are a lot of Acacia industrial plantations owned by PT. Itci Hutani Manunggal. The government plans to rehabilitate the forest at the IKN location, Sepaku, into a tropical forest with endemic plants. More than just enriching the country with increased production, these forests have many benefits. Among them are helping forest conservation, improving land with productive forests, and helping local communities to improve their economy. The environmental impact of this forest is the increasing collection of biodiversity in Indonesia.

When industrial forest plantations are harvested, an excavator class model SH130LF-6 Macan Sumitomo is needed in the harvesting process (harvesting) at this location is a mineral / dryland area where the harvesting process is as follows:

  1. Micro planning, initial felling plan that contains important information on the area to be harvested.
  1. Pre Harvest (slashing), namely the activity of cleaning the area manually before logging activities, namely by slashing weeds.
  1. Felling, namely logging activities based on a predetermined system and accompanied by the correct logging technique.
  1. De limbing, namely the activity of cleaning wood from branches and twigs.
  1. Cut to length, namely the activity of cutting or dividing the stem into pieces of a certain length (according to the standard mill).
  1. Pre Bunching, namely the activity of stacking pieces of wood on a route that has been designed/determined and this activity can be done manually and mechanically (heavy equipment/excavator).
  1. Stacking, namely the activity of stacking pieces of wood on a route that has been designed/defined and this activity can be done manually and mechanically (heavy equipment/excavator).
  1. Extraction/Skidding, namely the activity of pulling wood from the pile of wood from the felled area to the tpn on a predetermined path.
  1. Loading, namely the activity of loading wood with an excavator at the tpn to the logging truck/iron canoe

It is very suitable for work like this using the MACAN Sumitomo SH130LF-6 excavator which is not only very tough and fast to work for this job but is also fuel efficient, besides that it is also very reliable when carrying out the extraction because this MACAN uses a 20 ton class travel motor with a pulling force wood (drawbar pull) of about 171 kN, the largest in the 13 ton class, resulting in high productivity.

SUMITOMO HA60C-8 Helps Development Work and Pavement Processes in Bali

Wednesday January 16, 2019

PT. Dharma Buana Karya, which has been chosen by the Ministry of Public Works and Public Housing as a construction consultant, do work on paving roads in Bali. This project aims to reduce congestion caused by the lack of road quality.




PT. Dharma Buana Karya entrusts PT. Multicrane Perkasa as an official distributor of Asphalt Paver products of Sumitomo Kenki Indonesia. For this road construction project, Asphalt Paver HA60C-8 is used because of it’s reputation has been proven to have great quality results in paving the road. This product has been used in various road-making projects throughout the world. Advantages of crawler-type Asphalt Paver HA60C-8 is a screed that can be extended without any extension from 2.3m up to 6 m, and HA60C-8 is the only product that has this advantage.


STV system

In addition the “STV” system contributed to build smoothly finished surface and pave the road with superior densities.

< “STV” Compaciton System >
S: “Strike-off” is adjustable and guides the asphalt mixture smoothly under the screed.
TV: “Tamper” and “Vibrator” achieve strong and even compaction for pavements

With all the advantages possessed by Asphalt Paver HA60C-8, SUMITOMO’s products can be relied upon to meet the standard of road paving work. Where speed, accuracy and quality are the most important things in the construction project.

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