Sumitomo Construction Machinery Southeast Asia is an Excavator and Asphalt Paver Manufacturing Company under the Sumitomo brand which was founded in 2010 and has a manufacturing plant in Indonesia. Apart from being an Excavator and Asphalt Paver manufacturing company, we also sell Sumitomo Excavators and Asphalt Pavers in the ASEAN region. Sumitomo is committed to supporting the protection of the environment by creating environmentally friendly products.


Sumitomo Excavator dan Asphalt Paver Indonesia

See how Sumitomo's wide range of heavy equipment products help make construction projects run smoothly



Sumitomo believe the integrated Factory production base will generate a high-quality products and stable supply.

Research & Development

Sumitomo has an original and unique development system, where every process is monitored to meet Japanese Standards.

Global Network

Sumitomo's presence in various countries reaches out and supports development in the world by presenting high quality construction machinery products

After Sales

Sumitomo ensure marketing activities and after-sales service are maintained well toward customer satisfaction.

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