The advantages of the 7.5-ton class is to have a minimum radius where a reliable ability to rotation narrow region, stability is very good, with the power of digging that has been proven.


Bucket capacity (ISO heaped) : 0.11m3-0.34m3
Std. operation weight : 7,920kg
Rated output : 40.0kW / 2000min-1
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product overview

Included in the 7.5 ton class, SH75X-3B offers reliable performance for rotation in a narrow area with Minimum Swing Radius seed and has excellent stability and power of a proven digging. Equipped with Turbo Intercooler Engine so this model is more efficient in the use of fuels. This model can be trusted to perform any maneuvers in various field conditions, as directed by the operator.


Operating weight : 7,920kg
Rated output : 40.0kW / 2000min-1
Bucket capacity : 0.11m3-0.34m3
Max digging radius : 6520mm
Max digging depth : 4140mm
Max digging height : 5250mm