SH210 F -6 Macan

The advantages of the 20-ton class MACAN are having a boom and arm are already in-reinforced composites so strong in all-terrain field.


Bucket capacity (ISO heaped) : 0.8m3-1.0m3
Std. operation weight : 21,700 kg
Rated output : 117.3kW / 1800min-1
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product overview

Included in the 20 ton class specially product to serve forestry and palm oil. SH210F-5 Macan have Boom, Arm and Bucket strengthened using steel plate that is thicker so it is tough in all fields. Equipped also with protective (optional) which is designed specifically to protect against outside pressure with minimal effect on the ability of the machine.


Operating weight : 21,700 kg
Rated output : 117.3kW / 1800min-1
Bucket capacity : 0.8m3-1.0m3
Max digging radius : 9900mm
Max digging depth : 6650mm
Max digging height : 9610mm