HA90C-2 +JP2360

Sumitomo pavers are designed under the concept of the following 3 points which is high performance, easy operations also cost and time saving.  

Sumitomo Asphalt Paver is already very well known for the construction of roads around the world with very good results.

Paving width : 2.3-6.0 m infinitely variable
Paving thickness : 10-300 mm
Paving speed : 1.5-20 m/min
Hopper capacity : 13.9 ton
Overall length : 7,185 mm
Overall width : 2,545 mm

product overview

This Paver which is equipped with the latest technology and being first in the world. Screed J-paver can be extended easily without the attachment of Screed "bold-on". The J-Paver 2360 Screed covers two conventional screed ranges, 2.5-5.0m and 3.0-6.0m. And has many human friendly features such as the STV compact system, automatic screed lock, and movable control box.


Paving width : 2.3-6.0m infinitely variable
Paving thickness : 10-300mm
Paving speed : 1.5-20m/ min
Hopper capacity : 13.9ton
Overall length : 7,185mm
Overall width : 2,545mm Overall height(with Canopy): 3,860mm
Crawler width : 304mm
Type of driving method : Crawler (track)
Speed: 0-27.0m/min
Full tank capacity: 290L
Electric System : 24V