G@Nav is an information management system enabling us to maintain machinery precisely and efficiently. With this system we can obtain a vast array of information on daily basis about machinery locations, and more by way of communications devices and GPS equipped with machinery. This information is saved in our server, share between us, Customers and Dealer. Now, anyone can browse by PC, tablet or smart phone anytime, any places.


★ A GPS satellite provides the position of the machine and transmits data from
the Excavator to the Sumitomo Data Center which in turn communicates with
Distributors and the Customers.
We’re offering 4 years subscription for G@Nav system service FREE OF CHARGE

G@Nav Features

Machine Location, Hour Meter, Fuel Level, Etc


By using G@Nav system customers will be able to monitor and track the Machine Location, Hour meter, Fuel Level and etc. only by clicking the machine icon on the website.


Security (Geo-fence, Curfew)


G@Nav System will provide timely and reliable machine utilization and operational information plus assist in theft prevention by offering 24 hour surveillance and geo-fencing capabilities. It’s offers a number of security measures to safeguard your machine from damage or theft.


Operational Performance

G@Nav System records operation time data . It also lets Customers be more proactive if potential failure conditions arise. Whenever a diagnostic trouble code (DTC) is detected, a warning message appears on the machine display, and an e mail alert is automatically sent to Customers.


Machine Operation Information

G@Nav Operation Time Graph & Table

Using G@Nav System customers able to reduce operating cost by identifying areas that’s require improvement and potential training of operators, reducing idle time, improving fuel economy and determining the environmental impact of your operating practice.


Operational Data Download

  G@Nav Reference Material

G@Nav website provide advice and exact information with our customers and dealer by using of reporting process . Customer & Delaer can download operational data on a daily, weekly or monthly cycle.


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